Nike Play Research Lab

A Nike Kids YouTube Series Redefining Sport Through Play.


Senior Art Director


Conscious Minds

Nike launched a YouTube series to inspire kids to redefine sport through play and imagination. With a decline in kids viewing themselves as athletes, we partnered with Nike to create The Nike Play Research Lab, where our Director of Play, Isaiah, invites guests to the NPRL to co-create the future of play. We generated five episodes for season 1 that included multiple guests and our unique Agents of Play characters; the goal was to guide our viewers down a path of play, movement, and mindfulness.

EPISODE 01 - Balance Like A Boss With Corinne Joy

EPISODE 02 - Tackle Anything With Makena Cook & Willie McGinest

EPISODE 03 - Pressure’s On With Isabelle “Jiggy” Escribano

EPISODE 04 - Creating Space with Janelle Wellons

EPISODE 05 - Future Forward with Chloe Mei and Ella Lin Espinosa

EPISODE 06 - Legendary Replays with Ocean Brown

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